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Looking for new members

I am a member of Cornbury and I see 10 visitors on our site. This is a personal invitation to join us. We all
have something in common to share and talk about. We probably are on a slightly different journey but a very similar journey. It is amazing how our story's start.
I tried on my mom's _____ or I like to wear female under
wear. When it was dark enough I put on a dress panty hose
high heels and went for a walk outside. We have all been there. We have a once a month dinner with as many who can escape to join us. In December there will be a Christmas dinner so I will be dressed to the 9'sssss.
Can't wait. First I will get my nails done then off to Sears for a FREE makeup makeover.


Visitor count not entirely accurate

Yes, we have 10 visitors - but this could include people who visited weeks ago and whose connections are still active for some reason. Nonetheless, we do have people cruising through. Some are scavenging email addresses, others are here for the articles. Still others want support and connections.

Joining the website now requires a direct email to ; there is no self-registration because of the large number of spammers who have managed to break the reCAPTCHA codes and were flooding us with bogus registrations.


At first I kept cruising thru this site looking for ,I must admit ,looking for others expressing their true nature of what this site truly is. I have read most of the articles,but really I'm looking for some sort of support.I'm kind of standoffish towards these sites,for I'm not an internet savvy talker. I don't cruise looking for my sexual needs or fetishes;I truly would like to talk to genuine trans men that attended the Thursday night sessions for the transgendered downtown Vancouver. Its been a couple of years since I've been to Vancouver to attend one. They really awoken me to the broad spectrum of where we all stand in becoming what we believe what would make us happy or should I say accepted.

best place for support IMO

Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre
1145 Commercial Drive (in the REACH Clinic)

Primary & Preventative Health Care

Including: pre- and post-op support, hormone support, mental health support, hormone injection equipment, pelvic exams, chest exams & STI/HIV/Hep C screening.

Registered Massage Therapy

Geared towards transfolks who can’t afford Massage Therapy Treatment. We offer a safe, communicative environment where you don’t have to answer questions about your body.

Counselling & Community Support

I suggest if you want to see a counselor. Prior to a visit, book an appointment online or call ahead.

Sharon Valmont

I know not how I came into this, shall I call it a dying life or a living death?
-- St. Augustine