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April AGM

I was happy to finally make a meeting. It was wonderful to reconect with some gals and meet some new friends. For those who wern't there I hope you can make the meeting on May 8. We need to continue our discussion of our leadership and direction. We got off track talking about Esprit. We had an exmember volunteer to represent us at next years Esprit planning meetings. And a gentle reminder ladies.....since you are reading this.... this site costs about $500 per year. So the dues are important. That is a hint. See you on the 8th I hope.


Next meeting

I will be chairing that meeting with an agenda in hand. Look forward to seeing you all there. it Now posted in the calender

May Meeting...

I just found out about the May 8th meeting, from seeing it on the Cornbury Homepage. I stepped away from the table for a moment just before everyone adjourned, and apparently some people had already left the restaurant by then. Is the May meeting being held at the same restaurant? At the same time?

As the calendar is not being updated anymore, maybe you could post that here also.

Thank you.

May 8

I believe it is the same place and time.

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