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For Non-Trans Folks

What's a page like this doing on a site like this? Well, what are you doing reading it? :-)

Easy - there are people out there who encounter trans folk every day. Perhaps you work with one. Perhaps you've just met someone and aren't sure how to deal with them or talk to them. Perhaps you're in law enforcement, counselling or some line of work where your actions have a direct bearing on people's lives.

Whether we live our daily lives in our gender of choice or simply choose to dress that way, we trans folk expect simple respect, fairness and courtesy. Come to think of it, that's what non-trans folk expect too, isn't it?

If you have little or no experience or contact with transgendered people, be they crossdressers or transsexuals or whatever, you may react with surprise, disgust, curiosity, pity or confusion - or you may simply laugh out loud. Fair enough - we are a surprising and unusual bunch, and once you get to know us we can be pretty funny too. Confusion is quite understandable - imagine what we've lived with all our lives!

But disgust and pity serve no good purpose for you or us.

We have some tips on etiquette in our Frequently Asked Questions pages.

Here are some articles and resources to help. More to come!

Trans People in the Criminal Justice System - a guide for criminal justice personnel (540K PDF, 79 pages, requires Acrobat Reader)

Trans People in the Criminal Justice System - condensed pamphlet form of the above (170K PDF, requires Acrobat Reader)

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