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Hello Ladies,

I am so sorry I have not been as active with the group as I should have, I am so glad though that the meet at Fays is reasonably consistent, My health being the issue that it is and not being able to travel as easily as I would like to. My apologies for not being able to maintain the meetings in New Westminster. Being as it may, I am currently at the point where I will need to discontinue the Monday meetings for a period of time until my situation changes, so with regret we will remove it from the calendar until we revisit it again.

Second item, I need to let everyone know about, It is that time again. memberships are due again. As agreed we had upped the cost  membership to $50.00 and kept the web only access to $25.00 annually. The mail box is still available, Please mail your payment to cornbury mailbox as that will be the best way to get your dues to me.

if case you have forgotten the mailing address is :

The Cornbury Society
PO Box 051, 667 Columbia St.
New Westminster, BC V3M 1A8

Finally, that last thing, I am currently taking French classes on Tuesday night, thus the difficulty in collecting dues, these classes will last until May. this means I will have to reschedule the AGM to another day in April, Possibly we can bump it to Monday that week or I May be able to bypass that French class IF I can.

I look forward to when I can see everyone again, Lots of hugz

Sharon Valmont


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