“Pink Palace” meetings relocating

Because of numerous unsatisfactory experiences at the Pacific Inn on King George Highway in Surrey (the “Pink Palace”) we have decided to stop taking our business there. We’re in the process of seeking another location. Events scheduled for the Pink Palace are now shown as having “no physical location”. While

Speed Upgrade Complete

Good news – TELUS has completed our line upgrade, resulting in a roughly five-fold increase in page upload speed. We expect you’ll see a somewhat brisker response on the site, particularly on graphics-heavy pages. There was no change to our IP address, so you should have seen only minimal interruptions

Speed Bump Ahead!

huge.8.41565UPDATE: our line upgrade is scheduled for Wednesday 2 December between 8:00AM and noon. Because our IP address will be changing, you’ll experience some disruption in service while our new address is propagated across the internet. That process typically takes around

Thinking of voting?

The current Canadian election has seen the public subjected to an incredibly long election campaign — eleven weeks, longer than almost any other in our history — and at this writing we still have about three weeks to go. Many of us have already made up our minds — indeed,